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 zammymage for moderator or administrator

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PostSubject: zammymage for moderator or administrator   zammymage for moderator or administrator Icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 8:57 am

Name in game::Zammymage
How long have i been playing:: 1 day on the server but known alot of the players and staff from dirty pkz for awhile.
Why i should be promoted: I have alot of moderator and other staff position experience. I know how to keep peace and handle situations. I take my position seriously and resonsibly. I will not abuse my powers in any way shape or form. And i will not use my powers to benefit myself thi position is to give me a chance to help the server. I am quite independant in a way that i dont usually need or ask for help, but in a professional way and situation i will ask an admin, owner what ever the case if needed. Im easy to get along with and have never had an enemy. If oyu need somehting just ask and to the best of my ability do for you what is aquired and if i cant help you i will find someone who can.
-Great to get along with
-Hard working
-Years of experience with the positions of staff and know how to use them in every situatin and have not once been demoted or abused powers.
-Like to have fun but serious when it calls for it

Extra info::
My name is zammymage but people tend to call me zammy which is cool, i have been around alot of the players and staff of this server so im already on their good sides. If you need any help with anything just ask and im looking forward to playing. Thanks for everyones time.

Heres something new i figure i would add to this app:

Moderator plan of action:
Situation #1-Player breaking a simple rule in front of me such as cursing, spamming, flamming, etc
Solution-first give warning and order to stop, second time final warning, next time mute, and if it calls for it ban.
Situation #2-Two players are arguing and wanting the other banned and i havent seen anythign about this.
Solution- I wil ask if any witness were present, i will take the witness if any to a different place and talk to them individually. Then based on the information obtained i will follow up with mute, ban depending on situation
Situation #3-Another staff member Mod/Admin abusing powers.
Solution- I will confront them about it if continues i will take it up with a higher rank.

And i know that we are trying to grow and gain players and you cant do that by banning alot of them so i promise to use my powers only when it absolutely calls for it in order to maintain peace and number of players.
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zammymage for moderator or administrator
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